Shih Tzu Alley's Parents

We are pleased to introduce our very Beautiful Mom’s and Dad’s. All of our dogs are AKC Registered and they are excellent examples of the Tiny Imperial Shih Tzu. Our primary goal is to breed for Temperament, Health, and Beauty. We strive for the Best so that your new family member can bring you many years of Happiness.


The Alley's Sheer Elegance


The Alley's Sheer EleganceThe Alley's Sheer EleganceThe Alley's Sheer Elegance
Elle is such an Attractive Girl! She is the daughter of our Savannah and she brings us some very Tiny Babies. She has a Wonderful, Thick and Silky Coat and Very Short and Cobby body. Sweet Temperament.
Adult Weight: 6 1/2 Pounds

IB Ready or Not


IB Ready or NotIB Ready or NotIB Ready or Not
Redman is a great example of a Liver colored Shih Tzu. Hard to find a more Perfect Face than this. Itty, bitty high set Nose on a Flat Smooshy Face with the Most Captivating Hazel Eyes! So Handsome and also sporting a Short, Cobby Body. Redman’s color has transitioned into Shades of Cream as he’s matured. Just Beautiful! He is in charge at Shih Tzu Alley!

Thank you, Patty, he is Everything you Promised!
Adult Weight: Almost 5 pounds
Color: Liver

The Alley’s Lil’ Mischievious


The Alley’s Lil’ MischieviousThe Alley’s Lil’ MischieviousThe Alley’s Lil’ Mischievious
Missy is an Awesome Chocolate and White Girl with Big Amber Eyes and a Small Chocolate Nose. She is a Very Sweet Girl and Loves to Play often being the ring leader of outdoor play time. Missy Carries for Black, Chocolate, Blue, Cream and Gold in Solid and Parti Coats.
Adult Weight: 8 1/2 Pounds

The Alley's Lil Don Juan


The Alley's Lil Don JuanThe Alley's Lil Don JuanThe Alley's Lil Don Juan
Little DJ is Son of Redman and Elle (Tia). He is a Total Cuddle Bug and Produces Outstanding Puppies. He has been Blessed with Gorgeous Large Eyes and High Set Nose which gives him that Baby Doll Face. He also has a Perfect L.ittle Short Backed Body.

DJ carries for White/Cream, Chocolate, Gold, Black, Liver and Sable in Solid and Parti Coats.
Adult Weight: 4 1/2 Pounds

Dee's Lil Eazy Ester R.R.


Dee's Lil Eazy Ester R.R.Dee's Lil Eazy Ester R.R.Dee's Lil Eazy Ester R.R.
We are Happy to Welcome Little Essie to Our Doggie Family. She is a Very Sweet and Loving Girl with a Baby Doll Face, Nice Big Eyes, Small Nose, Short Legs and a Beautiful Coat. She is a Gold and White Parti Girl. Hoping for Puppies End of Year 2023.

Weight: 7 Pounds

Carries for lots of Colors including Chocolate.

The Alley's Perfect Alibi


The Alley's Perfect AlibiThe Alley's Perfect AlibiThe Alley's Perfect Alibi
Introducing Little Ali who will be a New Mom here at Shih Tzu Alley. She is a Gold and White Parti Girl who is Charting for 8 1/2 Pounds. Very Sweet Natured and Loves Everyone. Ali is out of Missy and DJ so 2nd generation puppy for us. We are Looking Forward to her First Litter end of 2024. More Photos to come as she Grows Up.

Pirates Well Played Miracle


Pirates Well Played MiraclePirates Well Played MiraclePirates Well Played Miracle
Michael is a Gorgeous Boy with Very Large Dark Eyes and a Thick Red Sable Coat. He has the Most Wonderful Personality and Gentle Nature. He Smiles a Lot and Loves to give Kisses. He is an Amazing Father and passes those Beautiful Eyes on to his puppies.

Michael Weighs 6 Pounds.

He carries for Reds, Black, Silver in Solid and Tuxedo Coats.

Retired Parents

Dar-She’s Imperial Sadie


Miss Sadie is our Gold and White Parti Girl. She is Just Stunning!! She has an Unbelievable Silky Thick Hair Coat with Symmetrical Markings and Black Tipped Ears. Super Big Eyes!
Sadie has a Very Relaxed Personality and a Wonderful Temperament. She loves to be held and will follow you anywhere you go.

CH Classic’s Dancin’ On Streets of Gold


We are so Grateful for the Beautiful Puppies Savannah has produced and look forward to more Great Puppies from her daughter, Elle. Savannah will be staying at Shih Tzu Alley.

Fairy Tails Embrace A Falling Star

"Emb-R "

Emb-R is a Dark Red and White Girl with a Parti Marked Coat, Very Large Dark Eyes and an Awesome Thick Coat. She is Affectionate and has a Very Outgoing Personality. Loves Her Toys! Emb-R is now living in Henderson, NV.

The Alley's Charming Mr. Boots


We are so Proud of Boots, now Bumble. He is a Cream and White Parti Boy with an Outgoing, Curious Personality. He is now living with Sharon in Lake Elsinore.

The Alley's Man in Black


Cash is two years old and has taken an early retirement. Mr. Personality is now living in Orange County with Jan. He is a very happy boy!

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