Shih Tzu Puppies: Then and Now

It is so meaningful to us when our puppy parents send photos of the puppies as they grow up. Here are a few pictures of them as babies between 6-9 weeks of age and then when they grow up. Many of the solid pups are born dark but inevitably lighten to cream, gold, silver and red. We also produce solid white and cream babies and beautiful parti coats. They are so precious! Take a look!

This is Molly at 6 weeks
Molly at about 5 months
Molly at 2 years old. She has a Super Thick, Lush Coat
This is Sunshine at 7 weeks
Sunshine at about 7 months
Sunshine at 9 months. Her Coat is Beautiful shades of Red
This is William at 6 weeks
William at 2 years
William is a Sadie puppy and lightened to a beautiful cream color

More pictures coming soon!